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Experience the Freedom of Life with Aeura (Watch Video)

Herpes, Cold Sores and Shingles come with physical pain and discomfort, as well as an emotional embarrassment that can feel insurmountable.  Aeura gives you back the freedom of life. Watch our video testimonials as real people share their stories about how Aeura has transformed their situations. Get the Facts about Herpes, Cold Sores and Shingles [...]


Get the Facts about Herpes, Cold Sores & Shingles

Herpes viruses are a leading cause of human viral disease, second only to influenza and cold viruses. These viruses are capable of causing overt disease or remaining silent for many years only to be reactivated.  Once a patient has become infected with a Herpes Virus, the infection is for life. Prevention and treatment of Herpes [...]


What is Homeopathy? (Watch Video)

Whether you are a firm believer in Alternative Medicine or a newcomer seeking relief that Western Medicine has failed to provide, Aeura’s homeopathic formulas can help you to reach a new balance of health and physical harmony. Great Britain’s Royal Family, Mahatma Gandhi, John D. Rockefeller, Sr., Tina Turner, and Yehudi Menuhin don’t have much [...]


How Does Aeura Compare to Other Herpes Medications?

Aeura does not have side effects and is safe for all age groups. Aeura is not contraindicated with any other medications. We offer an auto-ship option that delivers Aeura to your doorstep for $37.95 per month. Physicians are attuned to prescribing pharmaceuticals as a solution for all types of disease.  Since homeopathy has been relegated [...]


Information For Moms To Be & Pregnancy (Watch Video)

The anticipation of bringing new life into the world is an exciting time!  As parents-to-be, we spend a lot of time wondering about our new baby – will she look like me?  Will he have his Dad’s nose? Nurseries are designed, adorable outfits are purchased, birth plans are created. And we look at the world [...]


Information for Parents from Infants to Pre-Teens

Childhood is a magical period when babies — fully transformed into independent little people — express an insatiable curiosity about the world  around them. Their infectious laughter, boundless joy and innate innocence remind us to stop, smell the roses and take in the beauty and mystery of life. Sadly however, for many little ones childhood [...]


Info for Teens and College Students

The teenage years are a time of tremendous growth and change — an exhilarating transition from childhood to young adulthood characterized by new experiences like starting high school, meeting new friends and dating.  During college, young adults learn to further express their independence and individuality via their lifestyle choices, career plans and extracurricular activities. While [...]


Info for Generation X

Starbucks, power lunches, social media, iphones and ipods — just a few of the accouterments of a cosmopolitan generation on the move. From exotic travel and extreme sports to business success and marital bliss, Generation X has so much to accomplish and achieve. Defined as a group of people born between 1964 to the mid-to-late [...]


Info for Baby Boomers

The United States Census Bureau considers a baby boomer to be someone born during the demographic birth boom between 1946 and 1964. During the baby boomer generation, 75.8 million Americans were born. Boomers have been defined by the 1960′s – the Age of Aquarius – with music, events and social and cultural changes that have [...]


Information for Seniors

People are living longer and more healthy so what is considered “senior” today is very different than even 20 to 30 years ago.  Retirement can mean a whole new lease on life, and in some cases love. Seniors have more opportunities now than ever before – more time to pursue hobbies, more time with the [...]